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Fibronectin Secures Approval from Indian Food & Drug Administration



A Big Step For Advanced Wound Repair Industry:

Advanced wound repair treatments are based on moisture therapy encouraging natural cell repair while giving the wound a room to breathe.
Advance wound care products are designed to treat complex wounds by-

  • Maintaining stable temperature around the wound
  • Prevent infection
  • Removing dead tissue and prevent scarring
  • Facilitate flow of oxygen
  • Reduce dressing pain & allow new cells to emerge

Earlier, treating chronic wounds (wounds that are not healing from more than 4 weeks) was a challenge. The success rate, even today, is less than 50% with a relapsing rate of more than 70%.

We, at PRG Pharma Pvt Ltd (Maidan Group), would like to officially announce that we have developed the world's first commercial Fibronectin (FN) that will aid advanced wound management in India. Fibronectin or FN is the basic component that regulates the dynamic balance between a cell and the extracellular matrix, constructing a microenvironment for cell regeneration. FN is essential to promote regeneration and healing, contributing to the whole treatment. According to a study, FN can improve the efficiency of EBCS transplantation resulting in increased survival rates of ESCs.

In simpler terms, regeneration and healing is not possible in the absence of FN.

Fibronectin is required during the whole process of wound healing at 5 different stages that includes coagulation stage, inflammatory reaction, angiogenesis, granulation and tissue regeneration. It is effective in repairing bedsore, rotten legs, burns, inflammation and wounds that are left after operations or skin grafting.

The drug contains 0.5mg/ml Fibronectin in a 10ml bottle in the form of a sterile liquid and is intended to repair chronic conditions and non healing wounds.

With the successful analytical evaluation carried out by Central Drugs Testing Laboratory, Mumbai, Fibronectin has been approved by Indian Regulatory Authority

for marketing purposes. With 11 national patents already registered, the drug has been verified by SGS with respect to Safety and Functional Validation.

With our extensive research and tested human trials, the availability of Fibronectin will be a breakthrough in the industry of Advanced Wound Healing