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FIBREGA – The World’s First Bioactive Plasma Fibronectin

Approved for Marketing in India by CDSCO


Is A New Concept

Products Details
Active Ingredient Plasma Fibronectin
Dosage Form Topical Sterile Spray
SKU 0.5mg/ml
Pack Size 10 ML.
Storage 2 to 8 degree celsius and 25 degree celsius
Shelf Life 18 months (2 to 8 degree Celsius) and 6 months (25 degree Celsius)

Wound regeneration in chronic wounds is a challenging task and often require multiple treatment modalities ranging from infection control to epithelization.
Exogenous supplementation of fibronectin, promotes faster and timely wound closure.

Why does a wound become chronic?

As evident, the underlying mechanisms for acute and chronic wounds are fundamentally same and the cells, proinflammatory mediators and proteases involved are essentially similar. However, the “wound healing” process seizes and the cycle gets stuck in the inflammation phase thus leading to a defective ECM formation and subsequent development of a chronic ulcer.

All the above mechanisms ultimately result in generation of excessive ROS by activated inflammatory cells, overproduction of proteolytic enzymes(MMPs) and inflammation which cause protein & tissue destruction and disintegration of the dermis; the wound then enters a repetitive cascade of events which can be clinically observed. However, “healing” process is stopped due to destruction of the only protein responsible for this process, Fibronectin.

Apart from all the factors including cells, proteins, signalling molecules, the only protein which is most consistently degraded and destroyed in any chronic ulcer is Fibronectin.

Without Fibronectin, Healing Cannot Occur.

Several studies have proved that despite having sufficient quantity of Fibronectin in Blood and Plasma, the chronic wound site was completely devoid of viable FN which upon replenishment by topical application lead to “reactivation” of healing process.

How FIBREGA can help patients achieve SUPERIOR outcome?

Since Fibronectin is involved in every stage of wound healing, it complements the existing therapies available based on its unique mechanism of action.

FIBREGA has shown synergistic outcomes with following therapy areas:

  • Topical Antimicrobial Therapy
  • Advanced wound care dressings
  • Grafting and Flapping Techniques.
  • Routine Debridement and Cleaning Technique.